Subject Important and Urgent question in a change in our Server
Author diegodelafuente

We will change tonight (in two hours) from a Fb Super Server v1.5 to
a Fb Clasic Server v 1.5.

I have a question for this procedure.
I will BackUp Fb Dbs, copy these files to a secure location,
reinstall Linux with SMS Support on the server(we have a P4 HT
procesor, and for now with Super Server we are using the Server
without HT enable).
Then install in the new Linux SMS the Fb Clasic Server v1.5.
And last restore the Dbs.

My question is
These dbs are used in FB superserver version.
Shoud I do something before restore the dbs to the new arquitecture
(Clasic Server).
I suppose not, but i didnĀ“t check it.

Sorry for the hurry, Diego.