Subject Re: Another "connection forcibly closed by the remote host" problem
Author Scott Moon
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@...> wrote:
> --- In, "Scott Moon" <smoon63@> wrote:
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> > OK - If it sounds to good to be true... I ran this test and got
> > the same result. I'm now trying to pin down when the connection
> > actually dies. I checked the first time at 80 minutes and it was
> > gone. I'm stepping back to 60, then I'll back off 15 minutes until
> > I find a live connection, then bump up in 5 minute increments
> > until it breaks again.
> >
> > Scott
> OK, getting somewhere. This heartbeat pulse to the Firebird server
> does indeed prevent the disconnect.
> My next step would be to see if FB is the culprit or a victim.
> We need to repeat the experiment but as a pulse we use something
> that has nothing to do with Firebird. For example, you might start
> the ftp service on the server.
> You can then write a ftp script
> open [ftp server hostname]
> user
> [username]
> [password]
> quit
> Save this file as a txt file, for example c:\temp\ftptest.txt
> You can now put the following into a batch file
> ftp -s:c:\temp\ftptest.txt -n
> When you run the batch file, it logs in and once connected quits.
> Once you have tested the batch file works, try using that in the
> task scheduler like the previous experiment.
> If you have no problems, then clearly the connection break has
> nothing to do with Firebird. Otherwise, we may need to look further.
> Adam

I might not have made the results of the SQL script experiment clear -
the connection was still dying regardless of the batch file that
connected to Firebird and ran the simple Select query. It didn't make
any difference how often I ran the batch - the connection to Firebird
was still broken after 60 minutes. The increments I mentioned in my
previous post indicated the point where I checked the connection to
see if it was still alive. The connection was good on all tests of
less than 60 minutes, but the connection was broken on all tests
longer than 60 minutes.

I will try the FTP batch tests this morning as well, and will report
back with the results ASAP.