Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Another "connection forcibly closed by the remote host" problem
Author Bogusław Brandys
Scott Moon wrote:
> --- In, "Adam" <s3057043@...> wrote:
>> --- In, "Scott Moon" <smoon63@> wrote:
>>> OK - If it sounds to good to be true... I ran this test and got
>>> the same result. I'm now trying to pin down when the connection
>>> actually dies. I checked the first time at 80 minutes and it was
>>> gone. I'm stepping back to 60, then I'll back off 15 minutes until
>>> I find a live connection, then bump up in 5 minute increments
>>> until it breaks again.
>>> Scott
>> OK, getting somewhere. This heartbeat pulse to the Firebird server
>> does indeed prevent the disconnect.
>> My next step would be to see if FB is the culprit or a victim.
>> We need to repeat the experiment but as a pulse we use something
>> that has nothing to do with Firebird. For example, you might start
>> the ftp service on the server.
>> You can then write a ftp script
>> open [ftp server hostname]
>> user
>> [username]
>> [password]
>> quit
>> Save this file as a txt file, for example c:\temp\ftptest.txt
>> You can now put the following into a batch file
>> ftp -s:c:\temp\ftptest.txt -n
>> When you run the batch file, it logs in and once connected quits.
>> Once you have tested the batch file works, try using that in the
>> task scheduler like the previous experiment.
>> If you have no problems, then clearly the connection break has
>> nothing to do with Firebird. Otherwise, we may need to look further.
>> Adam
> Adam,
> I might not have made the results of the SQL script experiment clear -
> the connection was still dying regardless of the batch file that
> connected to Firebird and ran the simple Select query. It didn't make
> any difference how often I ran the batch - the connection to Firebird
> was still broken after 60 minutes. The increments I mentioned in my
> previous post indicated the point where I checked the connection to
> see if it was still alive. The connection was good on all tests of
> less than 60 minutes, but the connection was broken on all tests
> longer than 60 minutes.
> I will try the FTP batch tests this morning as well, and will report
> back with the results ASAP.
> Scott

If this is not an option set in firebird.conf ,then for sure this is a
TCP/IP problem.
I would look if Win2003 or VmWare or maybe client computer has some
timeout for inactive TCP/IP socket.