Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird and AMD64
Author Michael Weissenbacher
Thanks for your answer,
>> - Use the latest Firebird 2 RC2 (is it stable yet?)
> A release candidate is a build that is still in test, but which
> resolved all the issues raised by the beta test and and, pending
> testing, may be the final release.
I've successfully installed FB2 RC2 and I'm currently running some heavy
synthetic testing on it. So far everything has been stable and working
properly. I'll do some real-world testing in the next days to see if it
fails there. If no problems occur I think I'm gonna stick with it, my
fingers crossed. Daily backups are made anyway and the DB doesn't see
frequent updates.
> You can run the 32 bit images with no problems at all. There are
> problems with the native 64 bit version Firebird 1.5, and serious
> problems with mixing 32 and 64 bit images.
What exactly do you mean with images? The pre-built packages?
> Since Firebird doesn't make heavy use of large memories, what I
> would do is install the 32-bit V1.5, then after 2.0 has been released,
> upgrade to it then add the RAM.
I'll keep that as the fallback option. This way I can report any
problems I may find with 2.0.

kind regards,