Subject Firebird and AMD64
Author mi_whitebrook_13
Hi List,
i've recently installed a brand-new server with the following specs:
2xIntel XEON 3.2 GhZ
4GB of RAM
4x150GB SCSI HDD in a RAID5 Array
Gentoo 2006.0 x86_64 Version, Kernel 2.6.16

It should serve primarily as our Firebird Database Server. From my
previous testing (on 32-bit Gentoo) I've found that the Classic Server
is both more stable and has better performance than the Superserver.
So far so good.

Now i've run into the problem that Firebird is masked for AMD64.
Digging around in this list i've found the information that Firebird
1.5.3 does not support the AMD64 platform and may even corrupt data on
it. The official solution seems to be Firebird 2, but it is in
RC-State and I think it should not yet be trusted in a production

What options have I got? I've come up with those ones:
- Unmask and compile Firebird 1.5.3 for AMD64 (bad idea maybe)
- Use the latest Firebird 2 RC2 (is it stable yet?)
- Ditch the 64-bit install and go for x86 (I really don't like this
idea since we may put more RAM into the box in the future)

Does anybody have experience with Firebird on AMD64 in a production

thanks for any input,