Subject Optimising FB CS 1.5.3 Configuration
Author hi_feroz
hi all,
i would need some advice on this. i have got FB CS 1.5.3 running in
Mandrake 10.1 (thanks for helen). the production is mandriva 2006.

i have been running Client/Server Application using:
1) FB SS 1.5.2
2) Windows 2000 Server, 2 x 2.4GHtz Processors, 4GD RAM
3) On average 50 Concurrent Client Connection
5) During Peak period (once in every 3 months) 85 Concurrent
6) One point to note here is that, i have set the affinity of FB SS
to use 1 processor (as it was giving problems using SMP)

i have not had many problems. my database size is less than 100MB.
most widely used table has less that 120,000 records with 30 fields.
other frequent tables have 50,000 to 70,000 records.

Now, one of the modules of the application has been upgared to web-
based. I am using EJB3, JBoss 4.0.4CR2.

the configuration of the new machine is:
1) 4 x 3.0 GHtz MT Processors (64 bit)
2) 8GB RAM
3) 4 x SCSI H/D
4) Mandriva 2006 (64 bit)

i have done some reading that it is better to use FB (Classic
Server) on SMP's if there is enough RAM (this system has 8GB RAM).
The version i am using is FirebirdCS- No. of
concurrent connections may grow between 500 - 1000. The exact no's,
i can know only in June when system will be used.

i was hoping to get some advice from you guys as what areas shoudl i
look into, like configuration, etc.