Subject Re: pointer page vanished from mark_full (256)
Author robertgilland
If we move to Firebird 2 do we need to do a backup/restore cycle
to remove this limitation?



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> robertgilland wrote:
> >
> > gbak: ERROR: internal gds software consistency check (pointer
> > vanished from mark_full (256))
> The problem your seeing is probably a limit in Firebird prior to V2
> that restricts the record space for a table to about 70 million KB,
> including record headers and back versions - large blobs don't
> You've got somewhat more than 29 million records so you may have
> run into that problem. A backup/restore will fix the problem
> temporarily, but the better intermediate solution is to archive some
> of the records in another table. V2.0 corrects the problem totally.
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> Ann