Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs Postgres
Author Richard Wesley
On Dec 20, 2006, at 16:48, Helen Borrie wrote:

>> and file-based.
> False. A file-based DBMS creates filesystem objects to store tables,
> indices, etc., and accesses them internally as files. Firebird does
> NOT do this under any circumstances.
> A Firebird database does not even have to be a file. It can be a
> storage device in its own right.

I meant that databases can be self-contained files. I was implying
that this is an advantage for some applications e.g. if you want an
OSS tool that looks like Access (but doesn't smell as bad!)

Of course, this can be a disadvantage if you want to enumerate the
schemas available to the server...
Richard Wesley Senior Software Developer Tableau