Subject Re: Firebird vs Postgres
Author zaher dirkey
> OTOH, FlameRobin's goal is to be simple and lightweight. I don't like
> tools that take 20s just to load in memory. Even that the version is
> 0.7.6! (not 0.7.5) it covers most of the database administration tasks
> you might do. Perhaps our release numbering isn't that good, as 0.7.6
> already contains 95% of the planned features for version 1.0.

Yes i like FR because it is simple and fast, i hate the Skins in other

But about Firebird vs Postgres, i care about the faster database, i am
using Firebird and always waiting for new versions of it for new
features, but about the speed i have no idea if will be faster in the

But my customers/supports like the simple file database rather than
many files in one folder.

That make me count to 10 before port my work to Postgres (not 10 may be
10000 :P )