Subject Re: Firebird vs Postgres
Author Milan Babuskov
--- In, "heineferreira"
<heineferreira@...> wrote:
> From what I could gather it looks like
> Postgresql comes with quite a good and free database administration
> tool. It seems however that FlameRobin is very basic and is still in
> 0.75 release.

Don't let the release number fool you. FR looks very basic only
because we don't like bloated UIs. You should fire it up and try to
actually do something with it. There aren't many things that PGAdmin
can do, and FR can't - and there are of course the things FR can and
PGAdmin can't do.

Given all this, I assume you are a Windows user, since Windows users
are used to have does-it-all tools which show 50+ toolbar buttons when
you open them. So, if you are a Windows user, I suggest you look into
other free Windows-only tools like IBExpert Personal Edition, which
will probably fit your taste better. It is probably the most powerful
free admin. tool that *any* DBMS has.

OTOH, FlameRobin's goal is to be simple and lightweight. I don't like
tools that take 20s just to load in memory. Even that the version is
0.7.6! (not 0.7.5) it covers most of the database administration tasks
you might do. Perhaps our release numbering isn't that good, as 0.7.6
already contains 95% of the planned features for version 1.0.