Subject "object XXX is in use" error for newly created table
Author Terry
I have a production Firebird 1.5 database that has been serving me
very well for a few years now. I'm adding some new stuff to it.

I added some fields to the main table, called COMPLAINTS, then created
a new table called TI_LOCATIONS. After creating and populating this
table, I added another field to COMPLAINTS to reference TI_LOCATIONS,
called TI_LOC_ID.

When I try to add a contraint to COMPLAINTS, making TI_LOC_ID a
foreign key to TI_LOCATIONS, I receive an "object TI_LOCATIONS is in
use" error.

I have closed everything in IB_Expert that had anything to do with
this new table, and the client application is absolutely not even
aware that it exists yet. How can it be "in use"? This is driving me

Thanks for any help.