Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird vs Postgres
Author = m. Th =
> But about Firebird vs Postgres, i care about the faster database, i am
> using Firebird and always waiting for new versions of it for new
> features, but about the speed i have no idea if will be faster in the
> future.
Certainly. In 2.1 they improved the communication protocol with ~ 50%.
Also, in 2.1 we'll have 64bit Windows (if this is applicable for you).
OTOH, the optimizer has plenty of room for improvement. But making
things 'faster' isn't all. A new feature like MERGE / INSERT OR UPDATE
or common table expressions (which can be used to create recursive
queries) will speed the things a lot because these features now must be

my 2c,

m. th.