Subject Re: Internal gds software ... error
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
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> > Hi
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> > I just got this error in the firebird log.
> >
> > DBSRV04 (Server) Sat Dec 09 16:54:12 2006
> > internal gds software consistency check (cannot start thread)
> >
> Try and switch to Classic and see if that helps. I have seen this
> error before when (apparantly, I was not in the position to confirm or
> deny) the fbserver process overran the 2GB process size limit of a 32
> bit process. Classic obviously bypasses that limit, and will also let
> you make use of that second core.
> If you do install Classic, you must upgrade to at least 1.5.1 (which
> is considered stable on Windows). I would go to 1.5.3 CS.

If I upgrade to FB 1.5.3 CS is it then just to uninstall my SS and
install the CS ?

I shouldn't change anything else ?

Besides - We just moved this customer from one server to this new one.
The old server only had 2 Gb of RAM.
This new one has 4 Gb - And is a 64Bit machine.
Its also a 64Bit OS installed (Windows 2003).

The old server never had this problem. The new one hasn't had this the
first month - until now.