Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird v2 CPU Pegged
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:56 PM 11/12/2006, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I have upgraded to Firebird 2 (from 1.5.2) and am experiencing an issue
>where the CPU on our server is maxing out at 100% and not being
>released. The SCM shows that fbserver.exe is responsible.
>The OS is Win XP Pro with 2GB RAM. Local Windows services accessing DB
>on same box. The DB was located on a remote box but I moved it
>troubleshooting this issue. This is a multi-threaded environment with
>approximately 5 simultaneous users at all times.
>I hope there are some config items that can be adjusted to address
>this, because I am not finding any way to revert back to 1.5.2.

Well, it's certainly not correct behaviour out-of-the-box for Fb 2.0
to be slower than Fb 1.5, nor for it to commandeer the whole CPU -
unless it is doing some major garbage collection, that is. Even so,
5 users is nothing. So *something* isn't right.

As to "config items that can be adjusted", you haven't told us
anything very useful about your environment or the problem yet. But
unless you have something very extraordinary to do on your system,
the configuration defaults will be more than adequate for 5 users.

Did you upgrade the database to ODS 11 by backing it up on Fb 1.5 and
restoring the backup on Fb 2.0? In fact, do you ever do backups and
restore the backups to a fresh database file?

Did you upgrade the Firebird client library on the users'
machines? (Yes, Ann will jump in here and tell you that the Firebird
client doesn't care what version of the server it's talking to. But
there are very real reasons to abandon the Fb 1.5.2 client and use
the Fb 2.0 version....)

And what did you mean by "The DB was located on a remote box but I moved it
troubleshooting this issue. "