Subject Re: Firebird v2 CPU Pegged
Author slalom91
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 05:56 PM 11/12/2006, you wrote:
> >Hello All,
> >
> >I have upgraded to Firebird 2 (from 1.5.2) and am experiencing an
> >where the CPU on our server is maxing out at 100% and not being
> >released. The SCM shows that fbserver.exe is responsible.
> >
> >The OS is Win XP Pro with 2GB RAM. Local Windows services
accessing DB
> >on same box. The DB was located on a remote box but I moved it
> >troubleshooting this issue. This is a multi-threaded environment
> >approximately 5 simultaneous users at all times.
> >
> >I hope there are some config items that can be adjusted to address
> >this, because I am not finding any way to revert back to 1.5.2.
> Well, it's certainly not correct behaviour out-of-the-box for Fb
> to be slower than Fb 1.5, nor for it to commandeer the whole CPU -
> unless it is doing some major garbage collection, that is. Even
> 5 users is nothing. So *something* isn't right.
> As to "config items that can be adjusted", you haven't told us
> anything very useful about your environment or the problem yet.
> unless you have something very extraordinary to do on your system,
> the configuration defaults will be more than adequate for 5 users.
> Did you upgrade the database to ODS 11 by backing it up on Fb 1.5
> restoring the backup on Fb 2.0? In fact, do you ever do backups
> restore the backups to a fresh database file?
> Did you upgrade the Firebird client library on the users'
> machines? (Yes, Ann will jump in here and tell you that the
> client doesn't care what version of the server it's talking to.
> there are very real reasons to abandon the Fb 1.5.2 client and use
> the Fb 2.0 version....)
> And what did you mean by "The DB was located on a remote box but I
moved it
> troubleshooting this issue. "
> ./heLen

Thanks for your response.

Yes, ODS was upgraded. Prior to that I was running backups and
restores about once a month.

I am running windows web service applications on the same machine as
the firebird server is installed on, so the client library is in
sync. I am using old IBX components to connect to the DB.