Subject Re: Internal gds software ... error
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
More information ...

The server is running Windows 2003 64Bit.
It has a Dual Core CPU and 4 Gb RAM.

It runs Firebird 1.5.0 SS.

The server has been up and running for a month now.
The problem with clients unable to connect seems to be when Firebird
has used all of 2 Gb af RAM.

This morning, when noone was connected to the server we saw thar
Firebird already used 1,8 Gb of RAM.

Tonigth we will restart the server.
We will then observe to see if the server in time will consume more
and more memory.

But - Should I upgrade from FB 1.5.0 SS to FB 1.5.3 SS ?

If the problem we have can be solved by restarting the server
periodically thats fine at first.
Then when FB 2.0 to Windows 64Bit is released we will upgrade there.

Has anyone else experienced anything with FB 1.5 and 64 Bits OS
(Windows) ?