Subject Re: Internal gds software ... error
Author Adam
--- In, "Michael Vilhelmsen"
<Michael.Vilhelmsen@...> wrote:
> Hi
> I just got this error in the firebird log.
> DBSRV04 (Server) Sat Dec 09 16:54:12 2006
> internal gds software consistency check (cannot start thread)

Try and switch to Classic and see if that helps. I have seen this
error before when (apparantly, I was not in the position to confirm or
deny) the fbserver process overran the 2GB process size limit of a 32
bit process. Classic obviously bypasses that limit, and will also let
you make use of that second core.

If you do install Classic, you must upgrade to at least 1.5.1 (which
is considered stable on Windows). I would go to 1.5.3 CS.