Subject Re: Corruption in Firebird Classic
Author Adam
--- In, jason palmer
<jasonthepolymath@...> wrote:
> Windows is rather bad, if using a windows server I advise you
restart at least once a week.


In another message you mention that you may be thinking of your
experiences under IB 5 when you did not trust gbak to do a live
backup. If you are making these conclusions based on experiences under
NT4 or possibly 2K server, then I suggest that it is no longer
accurate. If you are refering to stability issues with 2003 or Vista,
then you will probably want to be running some tests on the hardware
itself rather than pointing at the OS.

I just checked one of our win2003 servers and it has an uptime of
around 90 days (since it was last restarted during maintenance). This
server runs FB 1.5.3 in Classic Mode serving approximately 30 active
databases; each database is backed up (hot) and restored (to a test
location) daily with no corruption issues since at least March.

Milan, Classic on Windows is considered stable from 1.5.1 onwards.