Subject Re: Failing to create Firebird DB file (and Intro)
Author Adam
--- In, "Yuliya" <yuliyashulman@...>
> The initial path was "C:\Program Files\Iron Mountain\Connected
> BackupPB" or some such thing under Program Files. I had them try
> installing it under C:\Connected_BackupPB, too, so yes, both were on a
> locally attached drive.

The spaces in the filename can be a problem but it looks like you have
quoted it. What connection string are you using? If you are using
local connection, you may encounter troubles with terminal services /
remote desktop stuff.

If you haven't already, try a connection string like
'localhost:C:\Connected_Backup\whatever.fdb' and see whether that
helps. I am assuming that you have triple checked your file system
permissions and any NTFS encryption you have set up.