Subject Failing to create Firebird DB file (and Intro)
Author Yuliya

My name is Yuliya Shulman; I work for Iron Mountain (formerly
Connected) on Connected BackupPB product.

We use Firebird for our client (agent) database; the components are
installed as part of our standard installation procedure.

One of the customers had a problem; install failed with the
following message:

SQL Message : -902
Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes
successful execution of subsequent statements

Engine Code : 335544373
Engine Message :
operating system directive CreateFile failed
The system cannot find the path specified.
, file: AgentDB.cpp, line: 384

AgentDB.cpp is our file; at line 384 we report IBPP::SQLException.
We don't do much there, just try to run CreateDB.sql script that
creates the OBU file.

It looks to me like Firebird engine is failing to create the file
for some reason, and I can't find why. I've tried the usual
suspects - there is enough space on the hard drive, nothing seems to
be wrong with permissions, the service that reports the error runs
as local system (as it's supposed to run,) and I even asked the
customer to install in another directory thinking maybe some
invisible characters were to blame. Nothing.

Any help will be appreciated.