Subject Re: Failing to create Firebird DB file (and Intro)
Author Adam
--- In, "Yuliya" <yuliyashulman@...>
> Hello!
> My name is Yuliya Shulman; I work for Iron Mountain (formerly
> Connected) on Connected BackupPB product.
> We use Firebird for our client (agent) database; the components are
> installed as part of our standard installation procedure.
> One of the customers had a problem; install failed with the
> following message:
> SQL Message : -902
> Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes
> successful execution of subsequent statements
> Engine Code : 335544373
> Engine Message :
> operating system directive CreateFile failed
> The system cannot find the path specified.
> , file: AgentDB.cpp, line: 384
> AgentDB.cpp is our file; at line 384 we report IBPP::SQLException.
> We don't do much there, just try to run CreateDB.sql script that
> creates the OBU file.
> It looks to me like Firebird engine is failing to create the file
> for some reason, and I can't find why. I've tried the usual
> suspects - there is enough space on the hard drive, nothing seems to
> be wrong with permissions, the service that reports the error runs
> as local system (as it's supposed to run,) and I even asked the
> customer to install in another directory thinking maybe some
> invisible characters were to blame. Nothing.

Are they trying to create the database on a real locally attached
drive or partition? ie. not a mapped drive, subst drive, or unc path.

Without seeing the location it is trying to create, it is a bit hard
to offer any more advice.