Subject Restoring a backup to a running database
Author Zoran Zivkovic
Hi All,

I would like to ask for comments on the "Restoring a backup to a
running database" issue. In FB2quick start there is noted (and I
think I saw it before) that if you try to do restore on a running
database "database coruption is almost certain to be the result". I
tried to do this, and I received a error:

Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not preclude
successful execution of subsequent statements.
lock time-out on wait transaction
object C:\TEST.GDB is in use
could not drop database C:\EuroIb\EuroAuto2006.GDB (database might be
in use)

Therefore, How is it possible to corrupt database, if there is no
possibility to replace existing database if it is in use ? For me it
looks like impossible.

I use FB1.5.3 or IB in everyday use/tests, but I think there
is no changes in this behaviour against FB 2.0 ?


Zoran Zivkovic