Subject Re: [firebird-support] lock manager error on startup
Author Milan Babuskov
Nick Upson wrote:
> The message I get is "lock manager: couldn't set uid to superuser". It
> does run but I think it may be the cause of some other problems I'm
> having. I thought it might be file permissions but I can't see a
> problem with them.
> -r-sr-s--- 1 firebird firebird 174708 Jan 23 2006 fb_lock_mgr
> this is 1.5.3 on fedora 5

You were probably working as a regular user and used /path/to/db
connection string instead of localhost:/path/to/db. As you can see, it
wasn't able to set uid to superuser, but (I assume) to "firebird".

I believe the problems would arise if you connect simultaneously with
and without hostname: prefix. I usually get connection error at that
point (can't make a second connection), but YMMV.

This is why I always use the hostname: notation, except when dealing
with some test or temporary database files.

Milan Babuskov