Subject Re: [firebird-support] ss-1.5.3 on ubuntu, must I setup xinetd manually?
Author John vd Waeter
Right, Milan, Helen, Paul,

Thanks for your input. The server is remote, I cannot check details,
must rely on messages I get from the sysop.

Told him to RTM and check with Ubuntu-people.


Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Helen Borrie wrote:
>>However, if (as you said above) you can connect "locally" (which, for
>>SS on Linux means ONLY via the TCP/IP local loopback server) then you
>>should be able to connect remotely.
> Not necessarily. There is a chance that the port 3050 is open on "lo"
> interface and blocked on "ethX" interface. Every day we learn new
> "ideas" that Ubuntu/Debian folks get:
> "Yes, by default there are no iptable rules set and everything is
> allowed to leave or enter IP stack. On the other hand, by default there
> are no services listening on the network interface - there are some
> listening on loopback but they can only be reached from the machine itself."
> So, if the OP is using Debian/Ubuntu package of Firebird, I believe he
> should check the firebird.conf file.
> Also, per d/u rules, he should report problems to Debian/Ubuntu
> maintainer. If (s)he can't fix it, then (s)he would contact here. Well,
> that's theory, reality is different ;)

John vd Waeter