Subject Re: [firebird-support] ss-1.5.3 on ubuntu, must I setup xinetd manually?
Author Milan Babuskov
Helen Borrie wrote:
> However, if (as you said above) you can connect "locally" (which, for
> SS on Linux means ONLY via the TCP/IP local loopback server) then you
> should be able to connect remotely.

Not necessarily. There is a chance that the port 3050 is open on "lo"
interface and blocked on "ethX" interface. Every day we learn new
"ideas" that Ubuntu/Debian folks get:

"Yes, by default there are no iptable rules set and everything is
allowed to leave or enter IP stack. On the other hand, by default there
are no services listening on the network interface - there are some
listening on loopback but they can only be reached from the machine itself."

So, if the OP is using Debian/Ubuntu package of Firebird, I believe he
should check the firebird.conf file.

Also, per d/u rules, he should report problems to Debian/Ubuntu
maintainer. If (s)he can't fix it, then (s)he would contact here. Well,
that's theory, reality is different ;)

Milan Babuskov