Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.5 disconnect
Author Steve Wiser
I agree. Run nslookup on countermain to make sure that the clients can
actually resolve it. If they can't and it is a fixed ip address then
maybe you should put it in the hosts file for the clients. That or fix
their DNS server...


Lester Caine wrote:
> Adam wrote:
>>> All these sites are running our app and FB server only at their site,
>>> they are not communicating through the VPN / WAN to a FB server.
>> That makes things a bit more interesting, I wonder if the client
>> workstations need to contact head office to lookup 'countermain'.
>> I suppose the first thing to work out is whether the VPN/WAN is
>> involved at all in this problem, so check the dates of the problems
>> and make sure they only start after the VPN/WAN is introduced.
> The question I would be asking is "Where is countermain ?". If all your
> sites are looking it up, but it's only used locally to each, then
> perhaps the new network is trying to provide a global address for it? I
> still prefer fixed entries in the hosts file so I know what is going on.
> I've had problems at a number of sites where the 'experts' have put in
> new hardware to 'improve the network'. In most cases they broke things -
> and not just Firebird - so now I have no problem telling them that the
> cost of fixing things will be billed! Amazing how quickly things get
> fixed ;) One site still has the old network running some applications
> that they can't work out what to change on the new (very expensive) one
> to make them work again :)