Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.5 disconnect
Author Lester Caine
Adam wrote:

>>All these sites are running our app and FB server only at their site,
>>they are not communicating through the VPN / WAN to a FB server.
> That makes things a bit more interesting, I wonder if the client
> workstations need to contact head office to lookup 'countermain'.
> I suppose the first thing to work out is whether the VPN/WAN is
> involved at all in this problem, so check the dates of the problems
> and make sure they only start after the VPN/WAN is introduced.

The question I would be asking is "Where is countermain ?". If all your
sites are looking it up, but it's only used locally to each, then
perhaps the new network is trying to provide a global address for it? I
still prefer fixed entries in the hosts file so I know what is going on.

I've had problems at a number of sites where the 'experts' have put in
new hardware to 'improve the network'. In most cases they broke things -
and not just Firebird - so now I have no problem telling them that the
cost of fixing things will be billed! Amazing how quickly things get
fixed ;) One site still has the old network running some applications
that they can't work out what to change on the new (very expensive) one
to make them work again :)

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