Subject Re: Firebird 1.5 disconnect
Author Adam
> Re your other email. Is it ok if the 'heat beat' is from a separate
> application or do I need to build it into our main app?

(that was my suggestion)

Preferably that should be a part of your application. A separate
application as a heart beat may work depending on where the (not-so)
smart timeouts are occuring, but it would be more reliable if it could
come from your actual application using the actual connection that is
being forcibly closed.

> All these sites are running our app and FB server only at their site,
> they are not communicating through the VPN / WAN to a FB server.

That makes things a bit more interesting, I wonder if the client
workstations need to contact head office to lookup 'countermain'.

I suppose the first thing to work out is whether the VPN/WAN is
involved at all in this problem, so check the dates of the problems
and make sure they only start after the VPN/WAN is introduced.