Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.52 on Linux with IB Expert database creation
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:24 PM 28/09/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>i'm kind of newbie to Firebird, so please don't mock me ^^
>i've installed it on a Linux test server, and it runs well with the
>default configuration
>i've decided to have the /var/db directory to store the databases

It's better to choose a location whose access can be restricted. Var is
not a good choice because it is accessible to all applications. I create a
/home/firebird directory, chown to firebird; create a firebird group for
the firebird user and any local users needing access to databases.

>when i create a database, i type on isql :
>CREATE DATABASE '/var/db/xxx.fdb';
>and i alias it on aliases.conf
>but my work mates prefer to use IB Expert Personnal Edition, they
>often forget to enter the full path for the new database, and the new
>database is created on /tmp ...
>that's really annoying

In real life, it's not annoying, since one rarely creates databases. From
a security point of view, it is not desirable to have databases being
created in "public places".

>is there a way to force the database creation on /var/db ?

Don't do this. But no, at present there is no way to specify a server-wide
"default database directory". It has been discussed for Firebird 2,
though, and would be quite handy. I reiterate, in real life, you need to
protect your databases.

I'd also point out that this mode of connecting to a database is available
only to Classic and has its own particular limitations. It is OK for the
database access layer in an n-tier architecture but clients in 2-tier
cannot connect this way. The need to use a full TCP/IP path of either
hostname:/full/host/path or hostname:/aliasname.

>i've checked the manuals, but i didn't found what i was looking for
>the DatabaseAccess directive seems only to restrict access on well
>placed databases, not to force creation on a certain directory

Correct. It also prevents you from creating databases in directories that
are not in the RESTRICT list.

>i've also tried to change the RootDirectory to /var/db but with
>disastrous consequences you can imagine ...