Subject FB 1.52 on Linux with IB Expert database creation
Author milosz_szot

i'm kind of newbie to Firebird, so please don't mock me ^^

i've installed it on a Linux test server, and it runs well with the
default configuration

i've decided to have the /var/db directory to store the databases

when i create a database, i type on isql :
CREATE DATABASE '/var/db/xxx.fdb';
and i alias it on aliases.conf
but my work mates prefer to use IB Expert Personnal Edition, they
often forget to enter the full path for the new database, and the new
database is created on /tmp ...

that's really annoying

is there a way to force the database creation on /var/db ?

i've checked the manuals, but i didn't found what i was looking for
the DatabaseAccess directive seems only to restrict access on well
placed databases, not to force creation on a certain directory
i've also tried to change the RootDirectory to /var/db but with
disastrous consequences you can imagine ...