Subject Re: [firebird-support] MyFirebirdODBC.DSN file, how to create..
Author Sam Hunt
Sam Hunt wrote:

> delphigurusam wrote:
> > Can anyone show me a sample DSN file that can be used to replace a
> > static DSN in the MS ODBC Manager? I tried creating this in the MS
> > ODBC Manager and it errored (for lack of parameters, I think).
> > Thx
> > Sam Hunt
> >
> OR...(addendum): a UDL file that D7 appears to support.
> Thx
> Sam Hunt
Well, as Rosana Dana would say, "Never mind". I figured this out by
myself. :-)
If anyone out there had the same question and was waiting for a reply,
I'll be happy to post what I discovered.
Otherwise, I'll save the bandwidth.

What a great site.
Sam Hunt