Subject Re: 2 clients' IB_Event RegisterEvents to Firebird 1.5 cause database hung!
Author Kadee
Today ,after shutdown the firewall in WINXP,
I run the database on WInXP again,
and the FB event alert act as normal,So I think the main
problem cause event alert and databse hang is WINXP's firewall.
May be someone can explain why the firewall cause FB
and IB_Event alert hung?

> Obviously that solution may work for you but it would be really nice
> to get to the bottom of it. One Windows XP specific problem I know
> about is if your database has a .gdb file extension. Windows decides
> to make a backup of file whenever it changes, and renaming it to .fdb
> solves that. Is there anything special about the XP box? Does it still
> hang if you temporarily disable the firewall? Is the box connected to
> a VPN (which pretty much emulates 2 networks cards)?
> Adam