Subject Re: 2 clients' IB_Event RegisterEvents to Firebird 1.5 cause database hung!
Author Adam
--- In, "Kadee" <bigred17201720@y...>
> Thanks to Martijn and John !
> When I move my database from WinXP to Win2k,
> the database hang problem disappear.
> Thanks again .
> Regards,
> Kadee

Obviously that solution may work for you but it would be really nice
to get to the bottom of it. One Windows XP specific problem I know
about is if your database has a .gdb file extension. Windows decides
to make a backup of file whenever it changes, and renaming it to .fdb
solves that. Is there anything special about the XP box? Does it still
hang if you temporarily disable the firewall? Is the box connected to
a VPN (which pretty much emulates 2 networks cards)?