Subject Re: Any other ways of support?
Author plinehan
In, Helen Borrie
<helebor@t...> wrote:

> >Please, provide me info about other ways of
> >support I do not like Yahoo groups. I do not
> >want to get emails i did not ask for.
> >Is there any newsgroups?

> Yes. This list is mirrored at news://
> as egroups.ib-support.

The threading is absolutely dreadful with this

> You can go to this list's home page
> and set your delivery option to "No email".
> From the news mirror, you must use the email address
> under which you are subscribed on the Yahoo list.

Which is fine, unless you also use your newsreader
to follow other groups which don't hide the
username used. I would really really like to see
a Borland newsgroup style interface - it's one
thing that Borland has done well 8-) .

The newsgroup interface is infintitely
superior to a web interface - it is easy
to drop threads that are going nowhere,
filter out spam &c.


> ^ hb