Subject Re: 2 clients' IB_Event RegisterEvents to Firebird 1.5 cause database hung!
Author Adam
--- In, "Kadee"
<bigred17201720@y...> wrote:
> Today ,after shutdown the firewall in WINXP,
> I run the database on WInXP again,
> and the FB event alert act as normal,So I think the main
> problem cause event alert and databse hang is WINXP's firewall.
> May be someone can explain why the firewall cause FB
> and IB_Event alert hung?

Events are implemented as a TCP connection. When an event is fired,
the client is contacted on a particular port. One thing you might
want to check is RemoteAuxPort in Firebird.conf.

By default, the port was a random available port. This might not be
allowed by the firewall. RemoteAuxPort lets you choose one and make
sure it is open and forwarded appropriately. Remember to restart
firebird after any change.

I did not think that the XP firewall prevented outgoing comms (at
all), so I do not see why it would crash, but try and get it to work
by creating the appropriate exceptions, otherwise, maybe it needs to
be recorded as a bug.