Subject RE: [firebird-support] What is better MySQL vs Firebird
Author Carlos Ortiz Quiros
It may be childish to you but it has six million of
users and they don't think it is childish, it is just
a good commerce or marketing stuff well done and it
got the dot com boom by storm that is its success.
Firebird has not have this marketing that it needs
even though it is 1million users so it is not
childish, it is business-aware. My Opinion.

--- Clay Shannon <cshannon@...> wrote:

> <subject>
> I admit this is rather lame on my part, but I tend
> to avoid any product that
> begins with the word "My"--it sounds childish to me.
> I think Chuck Berry started the whole silly
> phenomenon.
> Clay Shannon,
> Dimension 4 Software

Carlos Adolfo Ortiz Q

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