Subject Re: What is better MySQL vs Firebird
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
You would definitely want to read this document, it's thorough and a
proper comparison between the databases (not the typical "why my
database is better than yours" kind of comparison):


--- In, Carlos Ortiz Quiros wrote:
> Hi
> I don't know if I can post to this mailing list the
> following question.
> Question:
> Recently my enterprise is looking for a database which
> TCO is lower than $14.000 dollars license for SQL
> Server for the Internet.
> I am evaluating Firebird as Open Source but I need to
> evaluate MySQL as well for only the fact that MySQL is
> 6Million user-base and FireBird 1Million user-base but
> need to decide which is better.
> I think there should be a comparison or a document
> that tells which is better database than other.
> I prefer Firebird due to its support for stored
> procedures and triggers and more than 20 years of code
> base in the market, MySQL is only implementing this
> stuff, but...
> That is my concern, can anybody guide my thoughts?
> Carlos Adolfo Ortiz Q