Subject Re: App Is Very Slow When Client Runs It From Server. ..
Author Adam
There you go I trimmed it for you

> I forgot to mention in my original question that we are SS bcuz we
> want to port this to Linux in the future.

Classic server would be best for Linux, however the two are
interchangable without any change in the client software, so install
whatever one works best for the environment it is being used in.

Embedded is obviously the fastest, but if your application needs
simultaneous connections, then SS or CS are your only choices.

> "AV"?

Anti-virus software. I have seen some antivirus software do some
horrible things to performance. It has a place, but a database server
isn't usually it.

What does your application do? Could it be competing with Firebird for
resources? This could be a particular problem if your application is
heavily I/O based.

Do other connections "slow down 30X" when you are running it from the
server or is it just the server that runs slow. What is happenning to
the resources on the server? Is the speed problem mainly for the
connection or is it queries as well. What breed of windows is running
on the server? Is HT enabled?