Subject TRIMMING POSTS!! WAS Re: [firebird-support] App Is Very Slow
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:12 PM 1/08/2005 -0700, Sam Hunt wrote:

>I have recd a few requests to trim my replies.
>How does one trim their reply and retain just the last reply and the
>original question as the subject?

Glad you asked that.

Read the documentation for the newsgroup or mail client you are using, to
see whether it has some "quick trick".

Otherwise, just treat the Reply document like any other editable text ('cos
that's what it is!!) Just DELETE the unwanted passages. In a GUI client,
mouse-down, optionally Shift, and drag across the unwanted text. Release
the mouse and hit the Delete key. In a text-based client, locate the
cursor at the end of the text you have to delete and hold down the
Backspace key until the unwanted stuff is all gone. Need more info? read
the help text for Notepad.exe or the man pages for gedit?