Subject App Is Very Slow When Client Runs It From Server. ..
Author delphigurusam
Server: XP Pro, Client: XP Home, FB 1.5.2, ZStyle Ibole.dll OLE
provider, Peer-to-peer
Client pings server by name successfully (fast)
Client executes "TELNET server_name 3050" successfully. The screen
goes black, which is what I was told is successful.
However, it fails "TELNET server_name GDS_DB".
Firebird.conf file: DATABASES = Full
Aliases.conf holds DATA SOURCE definitions for my connection string.
No DSN's are defined on client or server for this app.
Server IPO address is NOT defined in client HOSTS file, because the
app needs to be able to find a server with a dynamic IP address.
BTW, just for fun, I DID define the server's IP address in the client
HOSTS file and it didn't help at all.
The EXE runs just fine from the client machine.
However, it runs about 30 times slower (but does run) if the client
runs the EXE from the server.

I've been told by the boss that it must run on the server.
Any ideas?

Sam Hunt