Subject Re: upgrading from ib6 to firebird
Author Adam
--- In, "wang960" <wang960@y...> wrote:
> hi,
> I'd like to upgrade from ib6 to firebird, which version will be
> as the first step that requires less modification to the program:


FB 1.5(.2) is the latest stable and best version to upgrade to. FB 2 is
in alpha release which means it is not suitable for anything other than

FB 1 is the closest to IB6 and so will probably be the easiest
migration. The main difference that will be of concern to you is that
FB 1.5 will not run a query if the syntax is ambiguous.

For example

select id
from tablea a
join tableb b on (

Is considered ambiguous because the select field could be coming from
either tablea or tableb, but in the long term you should adjust such
queries anyway. But the performance bonuses of 1.5 should be enough to
encourage you to put in the effort.

You could just backup the IB6 and restore to FB, but data pumping also
works. By the way, renaming the .gdb to .fdb will save you some
headaches in some environments.