Subject Re: upgrading from ib6 to firebird
Author wang960
Thanks, Adam.

I read somewhere that fb1.5 can coexist with ib6 in a server, any
hints on how to install it this way in windows and linux?

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> > hi,
> >
> > I'd like to upgrade from ib6 to firebird, which version will be
> easier
> > as the first step that requires less modification to the program:
> Frank,
> FB 1.5(.2) is the latest stable and best version to upgrade to. FB
2 is
> in alpha release which means it is not suitable for anything other
> testing.
> FB 1 is the closest to IB6 and so will probably be the easiest
> migration. The main difference that will be of concern to you is
> FB 1.5 will not run a query if the syntax is ambiguous.
> For example
> select id
> from tablea a
> join tableb b on (
> Is considered ambiguous because the select field could be coming
> either tablea or tableb, but in the long term you should adjust
> queries anyway. But the performance bonuses of 1.5 should be enough
> encourage you to put in the effort.
> You could just backup the IB6 and restore to FB, but data pumping
> works. By the way, renaming the .gdb to .fdb will save you some
> headaches in some environments.
> Adam