Subject Firebird 1.5.1 attempting multiple auto starts on booting
Author Tony Masefield
Hi All,

Just had a strange occurence on re-booting my laptop - "Firebird
cannot start because another instance is already running" (or similar).
The control applet is set to manual startup as a service - not what I
had specified. Guardian has been untouched as 'no'.
I have been 'playing' around with the settings in the Firebird contol
panel applet and last night changed from 'Application' to 'Service'
and set to auto start from manual (which has now been automatically
set back to manual by Firebird (I assume)) .
Firebird is running BTW.
Possibly changing the FB start-up settings to auto service then to
auto application and back to auto service leaves remnants in the
Registry which are attempting to load Firebird multiple (I assume 2 -
as a service and as an application) times - i.e changing from one to
the other does not automatically erase the previous Registry entry?

Anyone else experienced this?