Subject Disabling triggers
Author Adam
Hello Group.

We are doing some testing at the moment with a fair chunk of data. We
need to empty a table containing lots of records. To make it even
worse, there are 4 or 5 other tables that reference that table by a
foreign key (on delete cascade), and nearly all of them have deletion
triggers that will in turn update other tables. So:

delete from MyTable;

works but takes the better part of 10 minutes because of the domino

I would like to temporarily disable the triggers on this table (which
is what is making it take so long).

Looking through the system tables, it looks like the following code
should turn off all the triggers, but leave in place the check
constraints and foreign keys etc.

where RDB$TRIGGER_SOURCE is not null;

Is there any danger in doing this? (apart from database consistency if
the triggers do not run) This is only to help speed up testing, not
including it in a release.

Thanks in advance