Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Performance when deleting a lot of records, again
Author Daniel Rail

At April 7, 2005, 05:14, cosamektoo wrote:

> Hi
> I've assumed your answer is for my question because of the context,
> so thanks.
> I've added the file gstat.txt to FILES.I see that t tables have large
> max_versions value :
> One 'DEVICE_FREE_SPACE' - 1455 and STATUS_KEEPER : 103420.(This table
> contains only one record all the time with un integer value).
> I've checked the transactions on those tables and they all commit
> immediately.
> Any Ideas how to proceed ?

Are you using a hard commit or commit retaining?

Because according to your stats, there's 908,214 transactions that
have a big chance of not being garbage collected. Although you have a
sweep interval set to 2,000 transactions, it doesn't guarantee that
the sweep will be performed, because the garbage collection thread has
a lower priority than the other threads. So if the data manipulation
is fairly constant, the garbage collection might not have a chance to

Also, is it possible that you have a transaction that might remain
open? I.e.: A simple read-only select, using a read-write transaction,
on DEVICE_FREE_SPACE and/or STATUS_KEEPER, either in that application
or another application.

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