Subject Performance when deleting a lot of records, again
Author Christian Kaufmann

I still have some questions about how I should proceed.

A table has 2-3 million records, will grow and about 6 indexes on it.

In a task, I rebuild about 100 blocks of 5000-20000 records in this
table, by delete them first and then reinsert the new records.

During this task, I deactivate all except one of my indexes run it and
at the end activate all indexes again. It runs reasonable fast now.

But when I do a backup to trigger a sweep, the backup of this table
takes so long, probably because of the sweep that is done during the
backup. What I found is, that a backup with deactivated indexes is
much faster, probably because there is no update done in the indexes
during the sweep.

So I think the correct process is:

- deactivate indexes
- run task to rebuild tables
- backup database to perform a sweep
- activate indexes again

Did I miss something? And is there a way to perform a sweep from a
Delphi application?

cu Christian