Subject RE: [firebird-support] Gbak and ports
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:13 PM 4/04/2005 +0400, you wrote:

>:: Have you used the technique used for specifying the port in the
>:: connection string -- host:port:database path\database.fdb
>I was about to try this, but then I remembered everyone telling me gbak does
>not work remotely and only works on the same machine... So does gbak work

With the Services Manager it does.

>Would it just put the file on the server?


>If so at least this
>would be nice, I could initiate a gbak locally and then go FTP the file

Yup, that's what folk do.

gbak -b -se servername/nnnn:service_mgr d:\path\to\database.fdb
d:\backups\database.fbk -u sysdba -pass gobbldego