Subject Re: [firebird-support] Gbak and ports
Author Ivan Prenosil
> :: Have you used the technique used for specifying the port in the
> :: connection string -- host:port:database path\database.fdb
> I was about to try this, but then I remembered everyone telling me gbak does
> not work remotely and only works on the same machine... So does gbak work
> remotely? Would it just put the file on the server? If so at least this
> would be nice, I could initiate a gbak locally and then go FTP the file
> down?

gbak command line tool connects to FB server as any other application,
so there is no such restriction as inablility to work over network.

You can also invoke gbak that is linked to FB server using services API,
in this case you specify port number when connecting to services manager, e.g.

GBAK -SE mypc/3051:service_mgr c:\db.fdb c:\db.fbk