Subject Re: [firebird-support] linux embedding statically linking to firebird libfbstatic.a
Author Olivier Mascia
Le 03-avr.-05, à 19:54, Todd Fisher a écrit :

> I'm going to see what happens if I link ibpp statically to my module.

ibpp is supposed to be a not too big C++ code shell to the FB C-API,
that's why it has always been developed, tested and used by most if not
all as a static library linked to the application code that uses it. I
really think you won't gain *much* by building it and using it as a
shared module, though I remember you made some strong points about
wanting to do so. Please keep us posted with your results using static
linkage to your application code. I think this static link could give
you much less compiler trouble in the special configuration you're
trying to achieve.

Olivier Mascia