Subject Re: firebird API hangs in (1.5.1/.2/.3 RC2) but passes in 2.0
Author Zach Saw
Oh yes, be careful when you press Button1 --> it will spawn 6 threads.
So make sure you press it only once and wait until all threads have
terminated before you try again. :)

it's a quick and dirty test program, so please bare with me.

--- In, "davidalbiston" <mail@D...>
> I ran the app on my laptop (Pentium M, Win XP SP2, FB 1.5.3). The
> thread count went up to 9 and finally dropped to 2 or 3. The first run
> caused FB to go crazy and CPU usage went to 100%.
> How are you connecting to Firebird? Using IBOConsole, I couldn't see
> any other connected user.
> Dave